About Us

A long time ago I stopped playing games and spent a majority of the time creating servers for friends and family to play on. after 20 years I am still working on servers, I thought, "why not do this for a living" so budgethosts.co.uk was born.

After many months of learning and tweaking I am proud to announce that we are now able to take on customers. This is the start of a new beginning, want to come along for the ride?

Meet Our Team

David Taylor


Zumi Ascenso

Operations Lead

John Larner

Support Engineer

Jason Gleeson

Support Engineer

Our Datacenters

Our first datacenter in the UK is entirely self hosted. this way we can offer a service that isn't reliant on external resources. we have multiple internet connections and power supplies, this enables us to stay online for longer and with less chance of an outage.

Our servers are designed for gaming, the processors have the fasted individual core speed for the most demanding games. multiple SSD drives for great read and write speeds, and multiple network connections to enable fast transfer rates.

DDoS Protection

Our multiple firewalls and system configuration boasts DDOS protection to all servers and Websites that are hosted on our equipment.